Polymotu: an overview of ideas and activities

About the Polymotu concept
References and publication (in construction)
A lesson from ancient (and some contemporary) Polynesians
Letters of support from Cogent and the Global Crop Diversity Trust
Polymotu precursors: Maprao Kathi Island and Makapuno coconut in Thailand
Polymotu precursors: bird conservation in New Zealand
Polymotu and the Global Coconut Conservation Strategy
Amazing coconut-shaped Islands (in construction)
"Family relationships" between islands ? (in construction)

In French Polynesia
Landscaping Tetiaroa Atoll and coconut conservation
About the respect due to the coconut palm... an anthropological approach
Five motu of Tetiaroa to conserve traditional Polynesian coconut varieties
First plantation of coconut palms in the conservatoire of Tetiaroa Atoll, French Polynesia
A traditional genebank disapearing in the Aratika atoll?
Motu (coral islands) born from coconut palms in Fakarava Atoll

In Samoa

Proposal for coconut conservation in the small islands of Samoa
Landscaping two small Islands of Samoa using the Polymotu concept
Collecting the Niu Afa variety in gardens and farmer's fields

In Fiji
A proposal for integrating conservation of the coconut palm into the USP campus, Suva Fiji
Polymotu project is starting in Fiji islands

In Oman
Coconut islands in the desert